Our network of advisors includes leading directors and producers. Next Wave Films' advisors provide assistance in a variety of ways, including helping find and select films to invest in, and getting and giving advice on post-production and delivery issues. They are valued members of the Next Wave Team, and an inspiration to the new wave of filmmakers we are supporting.


Charles Burnett
Carl Franklin
Matthew Harrison
Lisa Krueger
Maria Maggenti
Terrence Malick
Victor Nunez
Robert Rodriguez
John Sayles
Kevin Smith
Steven Soderbergh

DIRECTORS - International

George Miller (Australia)

Atom Egoyan
Mina Shum
Lynne Stopkewich

Stephen Frears

Neil Jordan

Peter Jackson
(New Zealand)



Scott Mosier
Laurie Parker
Andrea Sperling


Lynda Hansen
Robert Hawk
John Pierson
Amy Taubin
Mark Weiss