A 1963 Pontiac LeMans. Two Days. Two-hundred and fifty thousand dollars. When your lemon lot hits the skids, you glom the gig no matter what the smell.

The Upside:

Fat cash

The Flipside:

Every thug, crook, punk and mercenary on the planet looking to get rich.

The Skinny:

On a nasty stretch of sun-baked road in the middle of nowhere, a nickel and dime Vegas hustler is gunned down after dropping five grand for a cherry Pontiac Convertible.

Three hundred hell gone miles away, a pair of used car salesman are suffereing the slings and arrows of outrageous failure...

So begins the improbable fable BLOOD GUTS BULLETS AND OCTANE.

"If that summary whets your appetite, the film more than makes good on it. Carnahan makes no secret of his influences. He credits Robert Rodriguez for showing how a film could be made for $7000...I fell in love with two films [at the 1997 IFFM], and one of them (Blood, Guts) seems as unique a discovery as Kevin Smith's Clerks was at the 1993 IFFM." - Amy Taubin, Village Voice, October 7, 1997

Joe Carnahan - Writer, Director, Actor

After graduating from California State University Sacramento with a degree in film studies, Carnahan went on to work in a local television station as a promotions producer, and was awarded "Producer of the Year" at the annual Promax Television Convention in Los Angeles after only six months. He has done extensive freelance work for ESPN as well as a number of Sacramento production houses. With a handful of short films to his credit, BLOOD, GUTS, BULLETS, and OCTANE was Carnahan's first feature.

Dan Leis - Actor, Producer

Leis graduated from California State University Sacramento with honors and a degree in the performing arts. He has appeared in commercials, television shows, and a host of succesful stage productions in the San Francisco bay area. BLOOD, GUTS, BULLETS, and OCTANE is also his feature films.

Leon Corcos - Producer

Corcos has won numerous festival awards for his shorts, and has written and directed a feature. BLOOD, GUTS, BULLETS, and OCTANE is the first feature he solely produced.


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Short Fuse Films Presents
in association with Next Wave Films

A Joe Carnahan Film

Dan Leis
Ken Rudolph
Dan Harlan
Joe Carnahan
Hugh McChord
Kurt Johnson
Mark S. Allen
Kellee Benedict

Director of Photography
John A. Jimenez

Mark Priolo
Martin Birke

Sound Design & Editing
John Flanagan

Executive Producers
Peter Broderick-
Charles Leis

Leon Corcos
Patrick M. Lynn

Kevin Hale
Chip Sires

Produced By
Dan Leis
Joe Carnahan

Written, Edited & Directed By
Joe Carnahan

(in order of appearance)

Victor Drub Mike Maas
Mechanic Nick Fenske
Frank Priolo Mark Priolo
Sid French Joe Carnahan
Mike Carbuyer Andrew Fowler
Julie Carbuyer Gloria Gomez
Bob Melba Dan Leis
Elda Josephine Arreola
Jerry Dave Booth
Pinto Guy Kevin Hale
Frank Manzano Max Ancar
Ginger Leah Carnahan
Dick Dupree, Sr. Scott Taylor
Dick Dupree, Jr. Eric Lutes
Diaz Carbajal Carlos Hernandez
Danny Woo Dan Harlan
Dottie Woo Karla Cave
Attendant Karen Olsen
Mitchell Wayne Richter Matt Carnahan
Raymont Phelps James Salter
FBI Agent Jared Ken Rudulph
Jerry Goldman Jerry Rainbolt
Stripper Carol Curry
Inmate I Rick Reinaldo,
Inmate 2 Dave Collagan
Vernon Cash Michael Saumure
Hillbilly Sniper Kurt Johnson
Mr. Reich Hugh McChord
Woo Cowgirl I Tanja Anguay
Woo Cowgirl 2 Priya Patel
Pete The Bartender Chuck Leis
Dumpster Bum Mike Maas
FBI Agent Littel Kellee Benedict
FBI Agent Franks Mark S. Allen,
Paramedic Shad Selby
Milt Huggins Stew Oleson
Hick in Overalls Spencer Mulcahy
Bill The Mechanic Dave Pierini


BLOOD, GUTS, BULLETS, and OCTANE had domestic and international rights acquired by Lions Gate Films Releasing. Its European premier was at the Berlin Film Festival. It was subsequently shown at the Edinburgh Film Festival in Scotland, Mill Valley, Denver International Film Festival, The Hamptons Film Festival, Boston Film Festival, and was the opening night film at the Independent Feature Film Market 1998 prior to its theatrical release worldwide.

Theatrical release was worldwide from September 1998 through Summer 1999 with Lion's Gate Films.

NOW AVAILABLE on home video! Please check with you local stores and online shops. Being distributed by MCA/Universal Home Video.

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