"It's tense, well-plotted script gives it a real punch. Echoes Hitchcock classicsÖbut Nolan's story is leaner and meaner than those thrillers!"
Bruce Diones, The New Yorker

"StartlingÖwith an eerie intensityÖA film noir with a difference!"
Janet Maslin, New York Times

"Of all the first-rate, intelligent, ultra low-budget productions we've been treated to recently, 'Following' is the best of all!"
Andy Klein, New Times (Los Angeles)

"Ranks as one of the year's bestÖa smartly gnarled, '90s-noirÖdense, tautly directed, well-actedÖeverything is deftly, purposefully orchestrated!"
Ernest Hardy, LA Weekly

"A taut, ingenious British neo noirÖmade with an intricate, almost claustrophobic intensity!"
Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times

"An uncommonly polished and assured feature debut, highly clever textually and supremely accomplished technicallyÖmarks the emergence of a significant directorial talent!"
Frank Scheck, The Hollywood Reporter

"Tautly elliptical suspense filmÖone of those films in which every element seems in syncÖqualifies as a state-of-the-art indie!"
John Anderson, Newsday (New York)

"Smart and sophisticatedÖa shifty, paranoid neo-noir!"
Amy Taubin, Village Voice, New York

"The surprise discovery [at the Rotterdam Film Festival]Öan ingenious cautionary tale here reminiscent of Resnais or Robbe-Grillet, there of film noir or MametÖdeftly balances humour and suspense, genre and experimentalismÖa truly different British movie!"
Geoff Andrew, Time Out, London

"Devilishly clever!"
Jami Bernard, New York Daily News

"A stylish, artful crime thrillerÖadroitly collapsed into a chronology-scrambling, paranoia-heightening structureÖbeats most Amerindies at their own game!"
Dennis Lim, Village Voice, New York

"'Following' is destined for a big following. It's a fabulous poison pill, a sleek, taut, black-and-white mystery that's all lean, no fat!"
Thelma Adams, New York Post

"Short, sharp and tough as nailsÖRecalls such compact, hard-hitting crime thrillers as 'Detour', 'Impact' and 'The Hollow Triumph'ÖA Good reason to start getting excited about British movies all over again!"
Ken Fox, TV Guide Online

"IntriguingÖsucks you in to its conceit with an ease that would leave an L.A. producer breathless!"
Toronto Globe and Mail

"Fiendishly clever!"
Toronto Star

"Nolan is a talent who bears watching!"
Walter Addiego, San Francisco Examiner

"ChillingÖthere's a phenomenal amount of skill in this film. If you miss this one, you're making a mistake!"
The Journal, Park City


Toronto International Film Festival New Directors/New Films (New York)
San Francisco International Film Festival
Seattle International Film Festival
Popcorn Film Festival (Sweden)
Sydney Film Festival
Vancouver International Film Festival
Slamdance [Ilford Award Winner]
Hong Kong International Film Festival
Newport Int'l. Film Festival (Best Director)


Galway Film Festival Melbourne International Film Festival Edinburgh Film Festival Torino Film Festival


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