Paper (p'per)- 3. A popular rap term for money or wealth. Paper Chaser (p'per ch'ser) 1. A person aggressively pursuing papers.

The hip hop generation has embraced entrepreneurship with a passion! Whether selling T-shirts at local swap meets or running multi-million dollar multimedia corporations, these paper chasers recognize that success comes to those who handle their business. For some it's about independence. For others it's about power. But always it's about the paper.

Paper Chasers: The Movie
Paper Chasers is a feature length documentary about the impact of hip hop entrepreneurs who have built successful businesses in music, film, fashion, TV, print media, and now the Internet. Filmmaker/entrepreneur Maxie Collier (aka Son #1) and his production team travel the country in an RV, documenting the ambitions, successes, and failures of paper chasers at all levels of the game everyone from hungry upstarts to successful old school veterans.

The film combines these interviews with behind-the-scenes footage as Collier struggles to hold his team together through the rigors of their ambitious low budget production. The end result promises to be an insightful documentary filled with unpredictable moments and an incredible soundtrack. website features timely information, valuable resources, and an online community that helps hip hop entrepreneurs worldwide build successful businesses. The site offers original content, as well as articles and videos created during the production of Paper Chaser: The Movie. Visitors can also subscribe to The Paper, a free e-mail newsletter featuring news, articles, and profiles on hip hop entrepreneurs.
Son #1 Media and Son #1
Son #1 Media was founded by Maxie Collier in October 1998. The company specializes in exploiting new media technology to create innovative multimedia content.

Collier is the publisher of The DV Filmmaker Website ( and The DV Filmmaker's Report e-mail newsletter. His self-published book, The IFILM DV Filmmaker's Handbook, has been called the leading educational text on digital filmmaking. His first feature film, Hacks, will be available on home video fall 2000.

Son #1 Media ph: (310) 399-0930 fax: (310) 559-0937

Paper Chasers

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