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SANTA MONICA, CA, January 5, 1998 - Next Wave Films president Peter Broderick today announced that the company has selected its first feature, Joe Carnahan's Blood, Guts, Bullets and Octane from hundreds of films submitted by filmmakers from all over the world. Next Wave Films will provide finishing funds for the fast paced escapade of two out-of-luck car salesman, Bob and Sid, and their attempts to revive their dealership. As the writer, director, and co-producer , Joe Carnahan has created the hilarious and explosive action/comedy about fast talking sales guys getting in way over their heads with dangerous and comic results.

Next Wave Films was created last spring to help exceptionally talented new filmmakers launch their careers. It focuses on outstanding, ultra-low budget, English language features. In addition to supplying finishing funds to a few films a year, Next Wave Films acts as a producers rep for these films, helping to implement a film festival strategy, and securing domestic and international distribution. Broderick and the staff of Next Wave Films screened over two hundred films from the US, Canada, England, Scotland, Australia, and New Zealand before choosing Blood, Guts, Bullets, and Octane as the company's first feature.

Writer/Director/Star Joe Carnahan plays Bob while Producer Dan Leis plays Sid, the two lead characters. They are presented with a proposal to hold a certain 1963 Pontiac on their lot for two days in return for $250,000. The only problem is the car is holding something that every mercenary and hit man is after, leaving a trail of blood in it's skid marks. They encounter a host of talented actors including savvy FBI agents, seedy auto mechanics, ruthless soldiers of fortune, white trash triggermen, and a Cal Worthington inspired dealership owner. Composer Luis Resto and his partner Dan Colton compiled a highly energetic and original mambo soundtrack for the film. Utilizing his skills cutting promos at the local network affiliate, Carnahan has fashioned his Mamet - riffed yarn for the chump change amount of $7,300.

Announcing the selection of Blood, Guts, Bullets, and Octane, Next Wave Films president Peter Broderick said: "Blood, Guts is a remarkable debut. It demonstrates how much can be achieved on limited resources if you reinvision a genre, write a smart script, and execute it with style."

Joe and his multi-talented production team enabled Blood, Guts to be fully realized with a unique vision. Said Carnahan and Leis: "We are excited to be working with Next Wave -- it means we can make the film look and sound as good as it possibly can".

An international network of advisors helps Next Wave Films identify extraordinary new directors from the U.S. and around the world. They include: Kevin Smith, John Sayles, Robert Rodriguez, Carl Franklin, Steven Soderbergh, Terrence Malick, and Victor Nunez, from the U.S., as well as George Miller (Australia), Stephen Frears (England), Neil Jordan (Ireland), Peter Jackson (New Zealand), Atom Egoyan, Mina Shum, and Lynne Stopkewich (Canada)..

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