Early Press Reviews

"The kind of intensely human drama that the best of Sundance documentaries often provide. Intimately focused as well as fair to all sides, this is a powerful examination of a question that is nowhere as simple as it may seem at first !"
Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times

"A sensation at Sundance...a very powerful documentary...it will be seen by all of us in the fall!"
Diane Sawyer, Good Morning America

"An extremely interesting film that held me from beginning to end!"
John Powers, Vogue

"A fascinating film...makes for interactive, participatory film-going!"
John Anderson, Newsday

"In a festival [Sundance] notable for great documentaries, SOUND AND FURY was among the best!"
Thelma Adams, New York Post

"Easily one of the two best films at this year's festival!"
Sean Means, The Salt Lake Tribune

"This one family, filled with intelligent, passionate personalities, enlivens every aspect of the issue!"
Rachel Rosen, Film Comment

"A poignant film...we don't get so many chances to walk straight into the heart of a powerful dilemma that touches us with the radiance of human possibility!"
Michele Landsberg, Toronto Star

SOUND AND FURY, which is almost as much about children's rights as it is about deafness in the age of cohclear implant technology...provoked passionate audience responses!"
Amy Taubin, Village Voice

"This straightforward, absorbing doc goes inside an extended family in America where an unusual battle is taking place!"
John Doyle, Broadcast Week

"A staggering new documentary...the very best film I saw at Sundance 2000...balances emotionalism and sociological detail as deftly as recent acclaimed doc 'Hoop Dreams'. Watching 'Sound And Fury' is an unforgettable experience...a remarkable piece of work!"
Michael O'Rorke, Hollywood Stock Exchange

"One of the most intense dramas of the festival...'Sound And Fury' is gripping, not only because of its fascinating subject, but it's also proof that conflict lies at the core of any dramatic story, whether fiction or otherwise!"
Patricia Thomson, IndieWire.com

"With a highly appropriate verite style, this exploration offers an informative and dramatic insight into the politics, culture, and lives of a universe which few in the hearing world understand!"
Geoffry Gilmore, Sundance Film Festival 2000

"We award this film [a Golden Spire] for its unique ability to tell a compelling and captivating story that transcends its immediate subject matter to cover profound and universal questions about the nature of family, community, and culture!"
Jury, Golden Gate Awards, San Francisco International Film Festival

Sound & Fury

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