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Volume#1 Issue#2 November 13, 1998


Welcome to the second issue of the DV Filmmaker's Report. As we approach the 1,000 subscriber mark, I'm very appreciative of the enthusiastic support from all of you. I especially enjoy the emails from people who have been inspired to launch their own DV film productions, to the degree that I feel it is appropriate for me to share insight on the person who inspired me to embrace DV.

I have been keeping track of the possibilities of video as a feature film production format since the early 90's. At that time people were excited about the new Hi-8 video format and cameras, because of the quality images produced by the small durable cameras. A few ambitious filmmakers, such as Scott Saunders ("The Lost Words"), produced notable Hi-8 features and documentaries.

...Fortunately, around the same time veteran indie film supporter Peter Broderick partnered with the Independent Film Channel to create a company called Next Wave Films. The company's primary purpose is to provide completion funds for low budget films.

Peter had been in forefront of the low budget indie film movement of the 90's by having written important articles on the production techniques and budgets of notable indie films such as Nick Gomez's "Laws of Gravitity," Kevin Smith's "Clerks," and others. An now, with Next Wave Films he is poised to apply his insight and experience towards other up and coming filmmakers.

Within days of reading about the new company, I had tracked them down and submitted a trailer of my film. Peter was very responsive to the trailer and for the next few months provided feedback as I worked on my rough-cut of "Hacks". Eventually, I met him and his assistants, Mark Stolaroff and Tara Veneruso, at the IFFM in New York.

While Next Wave did not provide completion funds for my film, they all became friends and supporters. And when I moved to LA last year, they welcomed me warmly.

Peter and I talked periodically about DV filmmaking. But over the past year he has shared his excitement as Next Wave began to receive more submissions of films produced using DV technology. It was ultimately his enthusiasm and generous sharing of information that encouraged me to again consider video as a format that I could use to economically shoot AND complete features.

And now after researching and testing DV, I will be shooting a feature in late December with a total budget of $4000. This feature will be completed on video for less than the cost of my lighting package for Hacks!

So for anyone encouraged by the information that I am providing, I humbly defer credit to where credit is due and thank Peter, Mark, and Tara for bucking Hollywood conventions and running a business that is based on the open exchange of information. This is a model that I'm trying to follow.

For more information on Next Wave Films and the DV filmmaking movement, be certain to read a very informative article from Movie Maker Magazine at:

Additionally, Next Wave continues to seek submissions from filmmakers searching for completion funds. To receive a submission form, email them at:

Also, if you missed the first issue of The DV Filmmaker's Report, you can read it on the web site at:


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