- President, (bio)

- Director, Post-Production & Finance, (bio)

Gayatri Persad - Director of Film Evaluation

Sylvia Terry - Director of Film Outreach

- Webmaster, (bio)

Liz Rosenthal - United Kingdom Scout

Next Wave Films has established a global network of advisors to help identify and support outstanding new directors from the U.S. and around the world. Our advisors include internationally acclaimed directors and a select group of producers and other industry professionals noted for nurturing new filmmakers. Learn more about our advisors...


Kathleen A. Dore, President, Bravo Networks

 Ed Carroll, Executive Vice President/General Manager, Bravo & Independent Film Channel

 Jonathan Sehring, President, IFC Films

 Caroline Kaplan, VP, Production & Development , IFC Films

 George Lentz Jr., Director Film Acquisitions, IFC Films

 Alison Bourke, Production, Development & Film Acquisitions, IFC Films

 Kelly DeVine, Supervisor, Film Acquistions , IFC


 John Sloss, Paul Brennan, and Sloss Law Office


 Ming Chen (visit his other site View Askew.com)

E-mail Next Wave Films office: launch@nextwavefilms.com

To contact the Next Wave Films office 310-392-1720

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