This section of our website is designed to be a resource for independent filmmakers working with very limited resources. For those needing to do more with less, we will provide as much useful information as possible.

First you will find the original FILMMAKER Magazine articles written by Peter Broderick in the early 90's, that helped catalyze the ultra-low budget movement. Current trends and useful tips from the field can be found in Production Resources which includes our popular DV Films Guide. For in-depth coverage of issues essential to micro-budget filmmakers, the In-Depth Articles section features case studies on specific topics. For a list of prominent features shot digitally, visit our DV Films Guide. You also may be able to catch one of the members of Team Next Wave in person talking about low budget film issues; check out the On The Road section to see if someone will be in a city near you. Finally we invite you to tell us your stories in our Feedback section.

Please visit the archives for past articles on Shooting on HD, an interview with Mike Figgis on the feature TIME CODE, and Digital Features at the Cannes Film Festival, to name just a few.

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Production resources including cameras, 35mm transfer facilities, and NLE software.


Information on digital features which includes DV format and distributors.


In-depth interviews with directors shooting digitally: Kate Davis' Southern Comfort and Henry Barrial's Some Body and also visit archives for past articles.


  • Digital Wave at Cannes
  • Sight and Sound Magazine DIY=DVC article
  • Indies In Cyberspace
  • NAB Articles
  • Web Resources
  • Other Links

The ABC's of No-Budget Filmmaking
Learning From Low Budgets
Crossing the Line


Past articles and interviews including HD production and interview with Mike Figgis
on digital feature Time Code.

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