NAB 2001;The Digital Stigma Has Vanished

by Tara Veneruso

This article first appeared in indieWIRE on Tuesday, May 8, 2001

(indieWIRE/05.05.00) -- The National Association of Broadcasters' annual convention (April 21-26)
brought out 1,500 exhibitors to showcase the newest cameras, editing systems, and software for the television, radio, film, and streaming media industry. The turnout at NAB 2001 was noticeably smaller due to cutbacks and a shift in the world. Many of the products displayed this year will facilitate a transition towards digital cinema and provide filmmakers the financial benefit of driving down the cost of production. Traveling with Team Next Wave's Peter Broderick and Mark Stolaroff, Tara Veneruso searches out the most useful tools to give low budget filmmakers the power to make movies on limited resources.


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